Membership Classifications

"As Members of TDC for over four years, both my wife and I can honestly say it's been a rich and rewarding experience... the friends we've made will endure forever."

The Dominion Club offers four classifications of membership, each with different benefits.  After reviewing the classifications below, you are invited to contact Jamie Ashenburg, e-mail or call (804) 360-0095, to discuss them in more detail.

  • Full Golf
  • Young Professional
    • Young Professional Benefits

      Young Professional Members enjoy all the privileges of a Full Golf Member.  On his or her 40th birthday, a Young Professional upgrades to Full Golf status by paying the remaining Initiation Fee in effect at the time. Young Professional Members have the right to use all Club Facilities. Young Professional Members receive complimentary golf green fees and tennis court fees and enjoy the additional benefit of reserving tee times and tennis courts seven days in advance. Young Professional Members are given locker privileges in the men's and women’s locker rooms.  Access to the fitness center and range privileges available.

  • Social Membership
  • Legacy Membership
    • Legacy Membership Details

      Members may apply for a membership for their adult children, grandchildren, or parents upon payment of a reduced membership fee by the adult child, grandchild, or parent ("Legacy Membership"). Legacy Memberships may be limited in number and will be granted on a first come first served basis.